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Scrap Metal, Electronics, Appliances
& Construction Container Services

Container Service

We offer containers for construction waste disposal and scrap metals. Call us to make an appointment today

Scrap Metal

Ace Metal Company pays cash for various types of scrap metal such as copper, brass, aluminum, and more!

Ace Metal Company

Unacceptable Material

* Scrap containing Asbestos material
* Excessively greasy and oily scrap
* Undrained auto transmissions or motorblocks (oil filers & pans must be removed)
* NIMH/LION/NICASD batteries or pieces of batteries
* Closed or sealed drums & barrels (open drums must be rinsed - NO residue)
* Radioactive equipment & containers or explosives
* Oil insulated transformers or their cases, rectifiers, capacitors, etc.
* Steel transformers or electric motor laminations
* Compressors, capacitors, and mercury switches from appliances
* Light fixture ballasts or any other light bulbs
* Rubber coated items or tires
* Non-metalics such as wood, glass, concrete, plastic, or garbage

Do you have scrap metal? We will pay you for them!

Call us today for a scrap metal quote!


Due to the fall in scrap steel prices, we can no longer pay for scrap steel. We will still kindly accept scrap steel for free recycling. 

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