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Scrap Metal, Electronics, Appliances
& Construction Container Services

Container Service

We offer containers for construction waste disposal and scrap metals. Call us to make an appointment today

Ace Metal Company

Unacceptable Material

* Scrap containing Asbestos material
* Excessively greasy and oily scrap
* Undrained auto transmissions or motorblocks (oil filers & pans must be removed)
* NIMH/LION/NICASD batteries or pieces of batteries
* Closed or sealed drums & barrels (open drums must be rinsed - NO residue)
* Radioactive equipment & containers or explosives
* Oil insulated transformers or their cases, rectifiers, capacitors, etc.
* Steel transformers or electric motor laminations
* Compressors, capacitors, and mercury switches from appliances
* Light fixture ballasts or any other light bulbs
* Rubber coated items or tires
* Non-metalics such as wood, glass, concrete, plastic, or garbage

Do you have scrap metal? We will pay you for them!

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OMWBE Certification #M4M1021209

SCS - 1291 



Free drop-off for Computers, Laptops, TVs, Monitors, and all other electronics & appliances


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Scrap Metal

Ace Metal Company pays cash for various types of scrap metal such as copper, brass, aluminum, and more!